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Now available for android devices after huge success in apple.
*Over 4300 questions and counting*
USMLE Step 1 smartcards feature the biggest collection of facts for USMLE Step 1.
Designed by physicians with experienced USMLE Step 1 takers scoring 90 or higher percentile.
USMLE Step1 smartcards are a perfect way to review USMLE Step 1 content on the go.

Topics include
-General Pathology
-System Pathology
-Biochemistry and Molecular Bio
-Behavioral Science


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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для USMLE Step 1 Smartcards

[2012-05-31] A Google User:
Ok but has glitches There's a problem with shuffling cards after you display the answer. Good content for learning
[2012-05-22] A Google User:
Ok content, but needs work The good: lots of cards covering all the major step 1 subject areas The bad: very poor organization. App doesn't remember where you left off. The only way to get back to the last card you viewed is to keep tapping the forward arrow, one card at a time. There are no card numbers either. The Pin feature needs work too. All pinned cards are grouped together regardless of category- you can't choose to just view your pinned anatomy cards, for example. They are simply displayed in the order you pinned them.
[2012-04-13] A Google User:
Great plan, but short on execution As I'm sure the devs feel familiar, I'm blowing through an impressive amount of information as I review for this exam. That's a point in your favor, Hue! The rub is that I am not able to view related practice questions, like selecting the main topic of pharmacology and THEN being able use your flash cards covering antimicrobial. Is this how the product is envisioned? Otherwise, I'm a happy customer, but if you have no plans to support, I'd really like to know.
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