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Learn the notes on your guitar! MusicTutor FretMaster is designed to help you learn the correspondence between notes and positions in the fretboard.

The game shows a position on the fretboard. The goal is to enter the correct note for that position. If it is correct, another question is made.

The game can be timed. It counts correct and wrong answers, and when the time is over, it shows a score based on results. This can be thought as a 'test' or 'exam' mode.

For non-timed games, a 'learn' (or 'study') mode is available. When activated, entering notes makes the correspondenting position(s) to be shown on the fretboard.

It is possible to play with no accidentals (only natural notes). Notation can be CDE or DoReMi.

Length of fretboard can be short (frets 0-5) or long (frets 0 - 12).

There are additional bass presets for 4 or 5 string bass. The appearance and sound is bass-like. It is recommended to use headphones or external speakers for quality bass sound.

There is also a second game available, 'play'. The game presents a note (including octave number). The goal is to position the note correctly on the fretboard.

There are three notation systems available: English (CDEFGAB), Italian (DoReMiFaSolLaSi), German (CDEFGAH).


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Закачек: 50000-250000
Размер: 1.9 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-07-13
Обновлено: 2013-07-13

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[2013-07-11] A Google User:
Rubbish If Click n guess is your thing then go for it but if your looking for somthing that will actually teach/show you how to play the dont waste your time with this pointless app... Oh and no sound renders this app pointless!
[2013-07-11] A Google User:
Good Good
[2013-07-11] A Google User:
Just bad Doesn't really do a good job at teaching or anything its just not very good
[2013-07-11] A Google User:
[2013-07-11] A Google User:
What a waste If you like guess work then this is for you. It is not going to teach you anything
[2013-07-11] A Google User:
Guessing game Makes u guess. Not good. Not even worth it if it was free
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