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Horse 360 offers a unique way for horse enthusiasts to learn horse anatomy, and converse with their veterinary professionals, offering two apps in one:

LEARN REMEMBER & CONVERSE – with Your friends, Your Farrier, Your Vet, Your Trainer. 
Make it an even playing field – Know what a good horseman knows!

Just 1.99 will give 3 great levels and give you access to in-app purchases of 17 new levels of questions and 300 images.  All with progressive difficulty at each level & Vet TalkFeature helping you during the diagnosis and discussion of veterinary treatment.

"Knowledge is power and this App will make you a better Horseman." Clinton Anderson, Downunder Horsemanship and world renowned clinician

From the beginner to the very best – learn at your own pace, test your acquired knowledge, compete with your friends!

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Категория: Образование
Закачек: 1000-5000
Размер: 16.9 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-01-31
Обновлено: 2015-05-30

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[2013-06-01] A Google User:
Glitchy this app sucks for being so expensive. I purchased all the levels and now for some reason it's trying to tell me i need to buy them again!? It takes up an insane amount of memory because it's so big, and it's still glitchy, the actual play is terrible because you have to touch exactly the right spot for the answers to be accurate, and the incorrect answer buzzer is obnoxious.
[2013-02-05] A Google User:
This has been starting down loud force 2 days how longbdose it take
[2012-12-30] A Google User:
Slow have to pay for more I tried to purchase the whole package for 849 and never got the download I'll be surprised there's no numbers to contact if I'll be charged that's not very nice what app is not honest up front
[2012-12-19] A Google User:
Great app If people would have read before paying $ clearly says that pays for only 3 chapters. So far I really like what I see. Thank you
[2012-12-19] A Google User:
Very average This app is good on the learning side but when on the recall it is very inaccurate to the point it's just annoying.
[2012-12-01] A Google User:
Glitchy Several of the anatomy questions fail to show a picture. It asks what party of the horse something is, and doesn't show anything! I am very disappointed in buying a demo. Demos are free, I would rather know the cost of a whole app up front, not just get through part of an app that I PAID for, only to find out that I have to spend more for the"rest"of the app.
[2012-11-17] A Google User:
More money???????? I was very disappointed and angry to discover i had to pay more money after level 3. Just be upfront and charge the entire amt. 2 dollars for a demo? Really?
[2012-10-31] A Google User:
Not worth it! I just bought it today but anything after level three you have to purchase the rest? Then why the heck did I just pay for an app?! Thats stupid! When I purchase an app I expect to be able to use ALL of the app!! I'm not paying another 9.00 dollars for the rest of it!! Ill just go buy a book instead!!
[2012-10-28] A Google User:
Finally! Been waiting for this app forever on Android thank you!!!
[2012-10-24] A Google User:
diane point of touch can be vague in recall are eg point of elbow tag shows more in line with the girth area rather than point of elbow; in the learning screen the two bottom options are slow to respond; plus the "back" button doesn't work (use phone's own back option). Otherwise a fun program when everything works as it should.
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