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Иконка для Wow! Doodle 1.8.2

Wow! Doodle (v. 1.8.2)

HyongA опубликовал приложение 2013-01-28
(обновлено 2013-01-28)

★ Wow Doodle! made by No.1 brand for children learning.
★ The easy and fun way for creativity and structure thinking.
★. Form the line to shapes,
it provides a systematic process for development of small hand muscles.
★Wow Doodle helps structure thinking and understanding principles of objects using circle,Rectangle and triangle.
★Using scaffolding instruction!
★Familiar animals and carious drawing helps kids development of cognitive ability and concentration.
★Kids can see various effect for drawing. Audio-visual effects help to advance of kids brain.

■ Features & Contents
1.Basic Shape
straight : crosswalk, candy
curve : sea, watermelon
circle: apple, universe
rectangle: book, frame
triangle: flower, spaceship
heart: lollipop sticks, doll
oval: pizza, drum
circle and rectangle : car and traffic lights
decorate a picture.: garden, balloon, car

2. Animal friends
draw missing parts: rabbit, lion, elephant, puppy, giraffe, fur seal, zebra
complete a picture.: penguin, tiger, monkey
draw freely: zoo, sea, Antarctic, undersea

-Let’s play
draw missing parts: bicycle, piano, water slide
complete a picture: guitar, note, crane, airplane, balls
make creative picture: ice cream, t-shirts
draw freely: kid’s face, swimming pool, soccer field

3. Let’s play
draw missing parts: bicycle, piano, water slide
complete a picture: guitar, note, crane, airplane, balls
make creative picture: ice cream, t-shirts
draw freely: kid’s face, swimming pool, soccer field

4. Happy travel
draw missing parts: America, India, China, Australia
decorate a picture.: Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Switzerland
draw freely: Egypt, Hollands

■ report & partnership: support@hyonga.com

Иконка для Christmas Gallery 1.5

Christmas Gallery (v. 1.5)

Mik&Anna опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Christmas Gallery is an application that leads you into a Museum where very famous painting masterpieces are collected for you.
All paintings refer to various moment of the story of the Nativity of Jesus (annunciation, visit of Maria to Elisabeth, nativity of Jesus, annunciation to shepherds, adoration of the magi, Holy Family, flight into egypt, presentation of Jesus in the temple) and they were made in late middle-age.
It is about the history of Christmas through art.
For each painting you will find information about the opera itself and the Gospel reading that inspired it.
More information about the artist are provided by a convenient link to wikipedia.
There is a great selections of artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Lorenzo Lotto, Giotto, Bassano, Mantegna, Raffaello Sanzio, Caravaggio, Carpaccio, Juan Gutierrez, Botticelli.
Enjoy your time at the museum!

Иконка для Omnibus 1.0.2

Omnibus (v. 1.0.2)

nessie опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Gra Omnibus polega na podawaniu poprawnych odpowiedzi na zadawane pytania. Tylko jedna z czterech odpowiedzi jest prawidłowa. Dostępne są cztery kategorie. Informatyka i komputery, fizyka i astronomia, historia. Czwarta o nazwie Superomnibus jest kompilacją wszystkich pozostałych. Pytania są na poziomie ogólnym.

Иконка для Wood Animals Sound Cards 2.0

Wood Animals Sound Cards (v. 2.0)

wemotic опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Learn first words with the forest animals in Wood Animals Sound Cards: sounds, images and words in multiple languages.

Wood Animals Sound Cards of EducAppy line by Wemotic is an application designed by psychologists, parents and experts for pre-school age children. Your children will have fun learning about animals of the forest through the clear and challenging game mechanism, with attractive graphics. The children will be accompanied by the friendly robot We-Mo and Ti-Ca.
Wood Animals Sound Cards includes 15 different animals that are part of a single habitat - squirrel, frog, wild boar, bear, raccoon, bird, deer, bat, skunks, hedgehogs, beaver, owl, snake, fox, wolf.

The animals are placed in the context in which they live to learn the concept of habitat each species belongs, the wood in this case.

Navigation is simple and designed exclusively for children, who may, at the touch of the animal:
- Learn the names of different animals;
- Listen to their voice, the grunt of the wild boar or the chirping of the bird;
- They can find out how the animals looks like in real life looking through selected photos;
- Listen to the names of animals in seven different languages thanks to the interface available in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Taiwanese - to familiarize with the different pronunciations.

The learning experience continues on http://www.appsandgamesforkids.com , from which you can download the cards available, print, paint, write the name of the animal and tape or stick them in his bedroom!

The proposed activities are the result of an educational objective shared among psychologists and educators with an extensive experience, and are designed to entertain children in preschool activities. At the same time the application supports the development of cognitive skills, logical thinking, language and communication, memory, concentration, creativity and knowledge of the environment.

The parents in all applications of the EducAppy line will always have:
- The ability to let their children listen to the different elements in different languages;
- A timer to set the duration of playing time, so that children will spend all the activities of daily living in a balanced manner.

Have fun!

Иконка для Learn letters with ABC Touch! 1.9

Learn letters with ABC Touch! (v. 1.9)

Rafael G. G. опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Get ready to watch your kids write!

The letters and the numbers won't have any secrets for them! Learning the alphabet has never been such fun, just grab the pencil and drag it around the clouds.

Balloons, rainbows, kites, … A trip full of surprises is waiting you!

Languages included: English, spanish, french and german (see note below for additional languages).

We hope you really enjoy the app! Don't hesitate to contact us to provide any suggestions / bug reports.

Other languages note: Does your language use the same character codification as the one included in ABC Touch (such as italian, portuguese, malay, ...)? Would you like to perform yourself the translation of the game? Feel free to contact me and I will provide you all the information.

Иконка для AUTOŠKOLA 1.2.2

AUTOŠKOLA (v. 1.2.2)

QUEEN APPS опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Autoškola – nejen simulace reálného testu. Tato aplikace je určena nejen lidem, kteří právě AUTOŠKOLU absolvují, nebo se chystají. Důraz klademe na další vzdělávání, prevenci a bezpečnost v silničním provozu. Pravidelné aktualizace zajišťují Vaši dobrou orientaci a znalost vyhlášky a sledování změn nejen v Bodovém systému. Pokud si všechny změny nepamatujete, vždy víte , kde je vyhledáte!  
Zdroj testových otázek: Ministerstvo dopravy Čr - Věstník dopravy.

Иконка для 地铁背单词GMAT版

地铁背单词GMAT版 (v.

ShopFeng.com опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)




增加 挑战模式

1. 智能学习系统,全面吸收21天背词法,紧密贴合记忆曲线。
2. 自动计算记忆弱点,智能复习选择
3. 学习状态评分系统,最高可以到达超神哦!
4. 学习成就统计系统,帮您轻松掌控学习进度,了解学习成果(还能分享给好朋友哦!)
5. 勋章奖励系统,让背单词更有成就感
6. 日常模式/挑战模式 学习更灵活

Иконка для Cézanne et Paris, l’audioguide 1.0

Cézanne et Paris, l’audioguide (v. 1.0)

esprosas опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Organisée en collaboration avec le Petit Palais, musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, l’exposition réunit environ 80 œuvres majeures issues du monde entier permettant de retracer les séjours parisiens de Paul Cézanne. Connu comme "le Maître d’Aix", Cézanne ne s’est en réalité jamais éloigné de la capitale et de l’Ile-de-France : entre 1861 et 1905, il n’a cessé d’y revenir et de s’en inspirer. Cézanne et Paris l'audioguide est une visite audioguidée en 18 étapes qui vous entraine dans l’univers pictural de Cézanne, vous dévoilant ses influences, son approche de la peinture et la construction de ses toiles.
Vous pourrez naviguer par œuvre dans Cézanne et Paris l'audioguide mais également par appel de numéros. Des informations pratiques vous seront également fournies afin de préparer au mieux votre visite.

Иконка для English translate into Chinese 1.1.0

English translate into Chinese (v. 1.1.0)

pcschoolleo опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

1200 english vocabulary translated into chinese,if you want learn chinese of junior high school,you must use it.

English translate Chinese: with English words, the Chinese translation and pronunciation,if you do not want to use the Internet, you can use this version

Keywords: English vocabulary, English, words, countries, GEPT, GEPT, vocabulary, English, study, GEPT primary, more benefits, for university, promotion, employment, Taiwan English, exams, extra points, audition

Иконка для Make ten 1.3

Make ten (v. 1.3)

funsof опубликовал приложение 2013-01-27
(обновлено 2013-01-27)

Make ten use some numbers and four fundamental arithmetic operations.

Drag any number in the check box.

Click the Operation at the bottom of the screen.  So change Operation.

Calculation will begin the moment the two box are filled.

When all the numbers consumed  if the result is 10. this is correct.

back button is (You can return back state).

Time Attack : How fast you can solve the 10 problems.

3Minite : How many solve problems in 3Minute.

If you get high score you can play hard mode.

Feedback is appreciated.

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