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Иконка для iMedia Connection 0.3.129867

iMedia Connection (v. 0.3.129867)

iMedia Connection опубликовал приложение 2011-08-19
(обновлено 2015-08-18)

The iMedia Connection mobile app delivers leading trade content that promotes the interactive marketing industry and the advancement of brands and agencies working in the space. iMedia's editorial content is contributed by senior-level digital executives and includes:

• Tip-driven, tactical, and strategic insight for improved digital marketing;
• Analysis of hot topics such as social media, search, DSPs, and the rise of the iPad and other game-changing devices;
• A thriving blogging community of brand and agency professionals;
• Networking tools for 20,000+ marketers that include photos, comments, bios, and more.

Иконка для Praxedo 2.3.0

Praxedo (v. 2.3.0)

Praxedo опубликовал приложение 2011-08-13
(обновлено 2015-08-08)

Solution de gestion d’interventions pour les entreprises ayant des collaborateurs nomades sur le terrain, notamment des techniciens (SAV, maintenance), livreurs et commerciaux.

L'application mobile permet de recevoir son planning en temps réel et de remonter ses comptes-rendus d’intervention au fil de l'eau.

Si vous êtes déjà client, téléchargez l’application et entrez votre code d'activation.
Dans le cas contraire, veuillez contacter l’équipe du support Praxedo par email : support@praxedo.com

Иконка для ASK-ALPHA Customer Satisfation 1.2.3

ASK-ALPHA Customer Satisfation (v. 1.2.3)

Alpha11 опубликовал приложение 2011-08-08
(обновлено 2015-07-31)

With ASK-ALPHA your can ask your guests after eating in your Restaurant. You need a online register on www.ask-alpha.com and select the Free or the PremiumVersion. The Premiumversin costs 25 USD/Monthly and has a lot of Management-Reports and Statistics. Manage in the Website your Questions and Login after from your Android-System with your username and password. The online-question does automatically synchronisize with your Android device. After this, you can ask your customers if they are happy with your Restaurant.

Иконка для Stadscafe De Zalm 0.3.129824

Stadscafe De Zalm (v. 0.3.129824)

Pedicure Gouda опубликовал приложение 2011-08-06
(обновлено 2015-07-28)

Stadscafe Restaurant De Zalm
Feesten en Partijen De Franse zaal

Иконка для T.A.G.R.S. 1.138

T.A.G.R.S. (v. 1.138)

Tracking & Automated Graffiti Reporting System опубликовал приложение 2011-08-02
(обновлено 2015-07-20)

Requires prior authorization and it will force close if not.
Only for City or Law-enforcements.

Tracking & Automated Graffiti Reporting System

TAGRS is designed for Law Enforcement and their cities including state and federal government agencies that administer and maintain data for taggers. TAGRS data management solution designed specifically for law enforcement agencies as well as city municipalities. No other solution today can provide data base management with the law enforcement agency-specific functionality already built in, ready for installation with minimal interface design. Its intent is to monitor the frequency of graffiti and to establish patterns that will assist in the deployment of resources and conviction of the offender.

It is a database where graffiti crimes can be inputted, recorded and tracked. It is photo-based which allows pictures of the graffiti or known offenders to be posted for quick analysis and suspect identification. It is equipped with GPS mapping. The program is designed for the gathering and sharing of information which could lead to the detection of the graffiti offender. In short, it is an important tool in the recording, tracking and identification of graffiti crimes and offenders. We design, build and deploy TAGRS which allows varying levels of access to government information online via either Secure Intranet or Internet access.

TAGRS web-based application is designed as a turnkey solution - COTS. The flexibility of the program allows for easy customization based on your departmental needs. Our program staff will tailor the application to your specific program requirements and meet your deadlines for installation and implementation for an on-time deployment, while maintaining our cost effective edge. Ease of use for both law enforcement and city officials operations has been paramount in our design philosophy. A logical approach and intuitive navigation allow straightforward access to data entry, searches, data output and site maps. Additionally, help text in each view will easily guide the user through the simple steps of obtaining the information they seek. This web-based application features a powerful searchable database of your information.

TAGRS will access data via search criteria defined by the user. Data output is based on user specifications and can be tailored for law enforcement agency use and/or city officials access use as decreed by your individual laws and regulations. Data entry is simple and requires no prior computer experience or knowledge. TAGRS application has the ability to automatically import your data via custom or standard interface tools.

Иконка для gerrydesign 0.3.129800

gerrydesign (v. 0.3.129800)

Gerry Yumul опубликовал приложение 2011-08-01
(обновлено 2015-07-17)

My Flash Site

Иконка для codeREADr – Commercial Scanner 1.5.4

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner (v. 1.5.4)

Skycore, LLC опубликовал приложение 2011-07-28
(обновлено 2015-07-11)

codeREADr for Android is an enterprise barcode scanner for businesses and developers. Use the app in conjunction with our paid web services to scan, track, record and validate data embedded within transactional barcodes. To try us out, register within the app for our Free Plan (limited to 50 scans per month).

Great for inventory, asset tracking, lead retrieval, ticketing, access control, coupon / loyalty programs and wholesale ordering.


-Barcode recording and database validation, online and offline.
-Download databases of barcode values to your device.
-Data collection for live interaction and calls to action.
-Manual barcode entry.
-Text or voice search barcode databases and previous scans.
-Capture GPS coordinates of scan location.
-Permit users to delete scans and edit data collection answers saved on-device before uploading.
-NFC tag reading.

Website Features:
-Import databases.
-Bulk export QR codes as standard PNGs or with custom branding attached.
-Manage unlimited custom services and users.
-Export and email scan data.
-Online database hosting and management.
-Developer APIs.

Related topics: code reader, barcode reader, NFC code reader.

Иконка для EXTRA Driver 7.1

EXTRA Driver (v. 7.1)

EXTRA Developers опубликовал приложение 2011-07-27
(обновлено 2015-07-10)

EXTRA Driver is an all-in-one driver application that complements Elite EXTRA’s routing and tracking system.  Everything the driver needs is in one application. The driver signs in as “available” and tracking is instantly started. As soon as a route is dispatched the driver checks for the route and the entire manifest is downloaded to the application, allowing for reporting of arrivals, deliveries and departures even when no data connection is available. The times are captured in real-time and are sent to EXTRA when data is again available. The application is fast, streamlined and eliminates running two applications, increasing driver compliance.

Иконка для Nestlé 1.3

Nestlé (v. 1.3)

Nestlé S.A. - Corporate Communications опубликовал приложение 2011-07-24
(обновлено 2015-07-05)

This app gives Nestlé investors online and offline access to the latest news and presentations from Nestlé, as well as background information and recent publications.


1. What’s New screen showing latest updates
2. News and features
3. Press releases
4. Weekly share buy-back update
5. Reports, presentations and transcripts available as PDFs
6. Caching of content so you can access information when offline

Note: PDF files are automatically downloaded when connected to Wi-Fi, otherwise the app waits for your action to download.

Иконка для Sudoku II 2.6

Sudoku II (v. 2.6)

Go App опубликовал приложение 2011-07-18
(обновлено 2015-06-24)

Best Sodoku Game,Best Chanllege !!!
-3500 free Sodoku puzzles!
- 6 mode: Sudoku, X-Sudoku, %-Sudoku, Squiggly Sudoku, Squiggly x-Sudoku, Squiggly %-Sudoku
- 3 level: Easy, Medium, Hard
Sudoku is a free logic based number placement puzzle game.
Playing the sudoku is so good for your brain, it boosts your memory skills and visual communication. There are huge benefits to challenging your brain.

Thanks so much for your love of our game. We will definitely keep improving the game.

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