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- The maintenance of pool water chemistry requires that the proper amounts of chemicals be added to the pool or spa water.
- Pool Chemical dosing app is a set of calculators designed for pool operators, pool technicians, facility managers, water treatment managers, or home pool owners. This app will provide tools to properly calculate amounts of chemical needed to make adjustments to achieve desired chemical levels of a pool or spa.
- Calculators contain the most commonly used formulas pool and spa chemicals.
- The app will also calculate the cost of chemical dose amount.
- User friendly interface allows for saving your favorite chemical formulas.
- Input the chemical formula from the product label. Add the cost of the chemical. The app will use this formula for dosage and cost calculation.
- The Pool Chemical Dosing app can be used in swimming pool facilities to calculate bulk chemical dosing in bags or tablets.
- App user can store pool volume information for an unlimited number of pools and spa.
- Recommended water chemistry levels chart.


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[2012-09-12] A Google User:
Working now Reported some problems and they were quickly resolved. Good support.
[2012-07-20] A Google User:
Update Needs to be updated for jelly bean. Galaxy nexus 4.1.1
[2012-05-18] A Google User:
Disappointed Calculator for chemical treatments works great. But you cannot journal the treatments and log inventory purchases to keep track of pool related costs. Free apps do same thing as this one.
[2012-05-16] A Google User:
Clear Valley Pool Best app for pools on the market. The staff at the NSPF has done it again! Save all of your pools on route and even add your cost of chemicals, it calculates all of it! Track YOUR $$ on each pool!
[2012-05-12] A Google User:
Pool Guy Great app easy to use does exactly what it needs to with no problems.
[2012-03-21] A Google User:
Not bad at all Has some great features, just would like to be able to put in a complete set of test results in one go and save favorite chemicals for the app to calculate against results.
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