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Building your FHTM Business is as easy as pushing "play"!

This app provides a 6 minute concept video of the FHTM Business model.  You can load it on your Android phone or tablet and show it "on the go".  It is completely self-contained ... there is no need for an internet connection and no annoying "buffering" that is typical of playing internet videos.

Just load it up and "Push Play"...


Категория: Бизнес
Закачек: 100-500
Размер: 37.9 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-03-05
Обновлено: 2013-03-05

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Системное имя пакета: com.billharloff.ezpushplay

Комментарии и оценки пользователей для EZ Push Play

[2013-01-24] A Google User:
Awesome tool! Now we can show the concept in 6 minutes to anyone, anywhere!
[2013-01-21] A Google User:
The new Bill Harloff & Cindy Farley BP I have to say that this BP by far is the best that I have seen in the industry in my almost 5 years with FHTM. Its straight to the point and precise with no fluff and to that I say thank you guys.
[2013-01-18] A Google User:
Awesome Tool! Great tool for this business! The automatic upgrade alone is worth the price.
[2013-01-18] A Google User:
Greatest tool ever to help us grow
[2013-01-18] A Google User:
Ez push play Amazing! Can show anywhere and everywhere...a monkey can do it! Show and sign up in less than 10 minutes! Thank you to all for your hard work putting this together.
[2013-01-18] A Google User:
Great App for great opportunity Business plan is now with you at all times. No excuses!
[2013-01-18] A Google User:
Tony This is an absolutely amazing tool!!!!! No excuses not to build a duplicating machine with this tool!!! Thank you Cindy and Bill!!!
[2013-01-17] A Google User:
NSM Liliana Spears WOWWWWWWW....AMAZING-INCREDEABLE-A MUST HAVE. This will allow us to explode our business. It is an amazing tool.
[2013-01-17] A Google User:
Awesome !!!!!! now no laptop to carry or dvd players or bag of dvds to burn! this is awesome .... thanks Bill and Cindy!
[2013-01-17] A Google User:
. Awesome video guys!! You 2 are amazing!!!!
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