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The Night Sky - Simply Magical

The Night Sky is a magical new app that enables you to identify the stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites you can see above. Just stand anywhere and hold your Android Phone or Tablet up to the sky and The Night Sky will display the names of the stars, planets and other objects you are able to see, just like magic!

Even if your view is obscured by clouds or daylight, The Night Sky app will know which stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and satellites are hiding from your view! You have to use this app to realize just how amazing it is!

The Night Sky does this by using your location data provided by the GPS and compass built in to your device. It then cross references your location data with its inbuilt map of the sky and overlays the stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and satellites names on your screen. It really is magical and will amaze you, and anyone you show it to!

So next time you're gazing up in to The Night Sky and wonder the name of a star, planet, galaxy, constellation or even a satellite, just get out your Android Phone or Tablet and let The Night Sky app amaze your gaze!

The Night Sky is a #1 selling app because it really is simply magical!

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Закачек: 50000-250000
Размер: 10.6 MB
Опубликовано: 2013-01-29
Обновлено: 2013-01-29

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для The Night Sky

[2013-01-06] A Google User:
Continuously crashes Good idea but currently unstable - needs an urgent rewrite
[2013-01-05] A Google User:
Crashes frequently Nice app but crashes about every minute.
[2012-12-27] A Google User:
"Unfortunately, The Night Sky has stopped" "Unfortunately, The Night Sky has stopped" - to many force closes.
[2012-12-26] A Google User:
Disappointing The app looks really interesting but sadly it doesn't seem to be really good compatible with Nex10. It does not want change to landscape mode, it seems fixed in portrait mode and crashed the tablet within minutes. Hopefully it will get sorted.
[2012-12-23] A Google User:
Samsung Galaxy User This app is awesome.Works perfect.
[2012-12-22] A Google User:
Lots of bugs Program has problem on Galaxy Tablet 2. Lots of force close messages and the horizon screen is 90 degrees out of phase.
[2012-12-18] A Google User:
Horizon orientation off by 90% On Galaxy Samsung Tablet 10.1 the orientation of the horizon is off by 90%. It appears to be a known problem with no work around or warning to users about the compatibility issue before purchasing.
[2012-12-16] A Google User:
Night Sky On ipad app is great. On Tab 2 it can not get the horizon right so everything is 90 degrees out. Useless when you need the horizon correct
[2012-12-12] A Google User:
Crashing issues Updated a couple of days ago and since then it crashes my entire phone requiring force close or restart. Please fix as when functioning correctly this is a brilliant app.
[2012-12-09] A Google User:
Worse after update Lots of odd objects in sky and never got this to position itself correctly. It was always sideways on my galaxy tab2 10.1
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