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INMATES - Every available Inmate Search in America for all City and County Jails, State and Federal Prisons, ICE Detainees, Female Prisons, Native American Reservation Jails and Military Lockups. All Free!

FELONS – Information on Recent Arrests, Most Wanted, Warrants, Mug Shots, Sex Offenders, Escapees, Absconders and Death Row residents; every County and every state. All Free!

INMATE SERVICES – All available Visitation, Mailing, Phoning, Emailing, Commissary, Money Sending, Inmate Email services and important information. All Free!

JAILS AND PRISONS – Find Contact info, Locations, Websites, Maps, News, Videos, Employment information and more on over 9,000 Jails, Prisons, Juvenile Detention Centers and Terrorist Detention Camps. All Free!

SOCIAL -  We have facebook Support Groups (english and espanol), Live Crime Feed News, Blogs and a Comment section on each of 9,000+ Facility Pages.
All Free!

LEGAL - State and Federal Criminal Laws, Sentencing Guidelines and Grids, Courts, Law Enforcement, Probation, Parole and (some) Court Record Searches. All Free!

PAID STUFF - Criminal Defense Lawyers, Bailbondsmen, Criminal Background Checks, (some) Court Record Searches and Reverse Cell Phone Checks. These services are not free!

YOU - We are adding new, updated, relevant information continuously, so do your updates with this app.

We welcome your suggestions or comments.
Please send us an email at jailexchange@gmail.com


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Опубликовано: 2013-01-30
Обновлено: 2013-01-30

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Комментарии и оценки пользователей для Jail, Prison and Inmate Search

[2013-01-15] A Google User:
Pretty neat
[2013-01-14] A Google User:
Bogus Did not help me at all..its a bunch of ads
[2013-01-14] A Google User:
Crap!!!!! Don't do it, its as bad as the cops and judges in this stupid country!!!!
[2013-01-11] A Google User:
Kkswagg Awesome
[2013-01-03] A Google User:
Fantastic! I work for local CSO & don't always have access to computer. This app gives me what I need in the palm of my hand!
[2012-11-30] A Google User:
So so
[2012-11-29] A Google User:
Broken links Nice idea for an app, but broken links and seems like formatting is like you are just on a Web page, have to scroll up down, etc
[2012-11-29] A Google User:
gee its real
[2012-11-19] A Google User:
Useless Didnt even help at other just directs you to other sites.
[2012-10-03] A Google User:
Free This app has been the best one i found so far. You do need to be familiar with the type of records you are seeking however.....
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